Power Necklace
Power Necklace
Gem Designs by Marcia

Power Necklace

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The agate and the Sunstone make a perfect combination for beautiful jewelry, emitting energy of joy and happiness to the wearer  

Sunstone Spiritual Meaning

Sunstone brings light into dark places, dissipating fears and doubts. It encourages independence and originality, attracts success, and increases self-confidence. Carrying or wearing sunstone can help you feel strong during difficult times, increase your vitality and improve your mood.

This Agate and Sunstone necklace looks beautiful and has hidden energies that will help you throughout your day,  feel beautiful as you wear this gorgeous necklace, reflecting the rays  of the sun. 
Sunstone will work well with gemstones that are also classified as fire gems. Some of the variations are
Amber, Ruby, Jasper, Red Opal, Agate, Carnelian, and Citrine. The energy of these gemstones will be amplified by one another.