The Benefits of Moonstone

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I being a Gemini and the moonstone a stone of June I personally love the moonstones. They come in several colors rainbow peach and gray, Cream yellow and blue. I’ve done a lot of experimenting with them and I’ve made several pieces of jewelry. I’ve noticed mostly that sometimes that wearing the bracelets makes me sleepy. Especially when they’re paired with amethyst they are wonderful for lucid dreaming. 

The moon stone is a third eye chakras stone is zodiac are cancer libra and Scorpio it is a water element. 
Moon stone is one of my favorite crystals, it seems to have an attachment to me I feel a connection with it I’ll put it that way.

Moonstone and Sunstone.. I read in one of the crystal books that to create a successful Manifestation use your moonstone to make a wish on the new moon.

Moon stones are given in India to the newlywed couple for blessings, abundance and ease with childbirth.

Moon stones are a powerful energy for happiness great fortune nurturing mothering encompasses and selfishness humanitarian love hope spiritual insight safe travels new beginnings abundance and ancient wisdom and ease in childbirth.

The moonstone is also said to eliminate toxins from the body ,, alleviate degenerative conditions it helps with emotional instability and stress and stabilizes emotions and provides calmness.It also enhances your tuition and promote inspiration,success and good fortune in love and business matters. It also stimulates the pineal gland and balances hormone cycles being excellent for PMS conception and childbirth moonstones also  beneficial to men in an opening the emotional self. 
Moonstone works with several different crystals for a great combination. The sun stone above  combined with the moon stone. It represents the moon and the sun. This is a great crystal for women to wear for enhanced intuition you are virtually harnessing the power of the moon and the sun.  
moonstone is often called the stone of lovers is it invokes tenderness in people and protects the emotions. It perceives and attracts love and is often worn as a talisman to bring love into your life the stone is associated with such traits as sincerely tenderness sensuality and loyalty and it is these components that are the key to strong relationships. I personally love to pair moonstones with Amethyst or rose quartz either one of these is a great combination and of course the sun is down and it makes such a beautiful piece of jewelry. The moonstone also is great for helping you to have a good night sleep very peaceful sleep. So if you want to enhance your life get you a couple of moonstone pieces of jewelry. 

until Later. Moonstone and Amethyst


Marcia Frame

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