Ultimate Energy Bracelet
Ultimate Energy Bracelet

Ultimate Energy Bracelet

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kyanite is a very powerful energy stone. It is a throat chakra stone. It enhances your ability to visualize clearly. Thus. providing a great manifesting ability.
Kyanite does not absorb negative energy therefore it never needs to be cleared. Kyanite also provides balance of the Ying and yang energy and it disspells blockages moving energy gently through the physical body.

It has many health benefits such as lowering BP, clearing adrenal system. It helps with disorders of the throat and the parathyroid glands it also helps to heal infections and it’s a natural pain reliever. It also helps with weight control.

Tranquility: Kyanite is often used for its calming and soothing properties. It is believed to promote inner peace and tranquility, and to help with anxiety and stress. Spiritual growth: Kyanite is often associated with spiritual growth and development.

Kyanite helps with having vivid dreams, channeling altered states, loyalty ,honesty and serenity

Kyanite combined with blue lace agate(Larimar ) These two crystals form an amazing combination of peace tranquility and precise visualization. Confidence and communication abilities .