Ultimate Power
Ultimate Power

Ultimate Power

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After many years of research and studying the energies of crystals, I have created this most powerful manifesting bracelet is created from Carnelian and Gold Rutilated Quartz. These two crystals make a very powerful combination for manifestation. They are very high energy.

This divination stone enhances all the chakras as it links the energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra. A stone that amplifies intentions making it perfect for manifestation and creating your reality. The bright yellow brings insights and new inspiration. A light-infused stone that will fill you with divine light and energy. Energizes and revitalizes the aura. Amplification stone that sets your intention for the highest good. As the electric filled Rutile Quartz magnifies the energy of affirmations or manifestations. A stone of determination and light.

An infusion of divine energy that lights and recharges all your chakras. The sacred illuminator connects you to the divine. Feel the light energy coming from this sacred gemstone. When wearing Rutilated Quartz you will develop the inner freedom you deserve. Tune your body to the highest frequency. It may also be used to deflect negative and unwanted energy. This gemstone protects you from psychic attacks.

We all feel tired sometimes. Want to treat yourself to some high energy. This is the best stone when you are tired as it will renew your energy. This stone connects you to a higher state when meditating or dreaming. Help's you get better sleep as it releases stress and keeps the bad dreams away. Brings you feelings of self-love, fulfillment, and passion. 
I feel like this is my most powerful manifestation bracelet yet! And I know you love wearing it.