New Year , New Designs

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Passion for Pendulums

I have created so many new designs this is my love and passion. I really hope you enjoy the new bracelets necklaces and earrings that I have been creating. 

I have long studied spiritual things to help with guidance and direction. Religions have long made taboos out of spirituality and natural healing to stop humanity from knowing their own power. It’s time we all take back our power and discover ways to strengthen our inner connections to Source (GOD). Our direct connection to our higher selves, our higher manifestation abilities. Crystals have always helped mankind with these abilities. 
crystals are our extra energy source to enable us to be more than we are. 
There is no such thing as a negative energy Crystal! Crystals only aid in heightening our manifestation abilities and protect us from negative energies and psychic attacks. 
If we bless our crystals and set clear intentions of what we desire. As in “I desire help with prosperity and joy!” Example of a clear intention. 
“ I desire love in my life now!”  These are just a couple of examples of intentions you speak to your crystals. To activate the ability of the crystals to help you. Crystals exude healing frequency and blend with our own frequencies. They draw to us our desires in seemingly natural Way‘s. So don’t take your crystals for granted. Care for them and they will care for you. It is also important to keep your chakra aligned.

each Pendulum I make have the top chakra crystals within them. They help you get the most accurate complete information that you need. We are all sending to higher and higher spiritual dimensions. manifestation is becoming easier and easier and the crystals all over the world are activating themselves. So I included the same formation to help you understand how Cristal‘s work. I hope you have enjoyed this reading I will add to another blog post a later time.

Thank you,  Marcia

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