The Blessings of crystals

It’s always important to Bless your crystals. I include instructions with every order. Crystals energize your energy assisting you in manifesting your desires. Manifestation requires focused imagination to create your desire. You can use crystals in meditation by holding them in your hand. You can wear them as jewelry. Positive incoming energy should be worn on the left hand. Protective crystals like Obsidian, Onyx, Black Tourmaline and Zebra Jasper should be worn on the right Hand. To release negative energy from you. 

Chakras are also important to keep clear. It cuts down on sickness. Stress can deplete the Chakras. Wearing Amethyst as earrings or a necklace helps to keep your Crown ,third eye and throat chakra open. Lapis Lazuli is another good throat chakra stone. Helping with communication. It’s always good to have open peaceful communication.

Rose quartz and Adventurine and white Jade are heart chakra stones that I like to use. They help the heart to be open. And instill self-love as well as love in relationships. True living relationships. Opalite is another good heart chakra stone with peace and temperance abilities. 

Citrine is a solar plexus chakra stone that brings success to what ever you are working on. Money, relationships, Business.

Carnelian is a sacral chakra and root chakra stone. It covers fertility of many kinds. It gives you confidence, passion. Attraction. It also never needs cleansing like other crystals. The lighter carnelian is over the sacral chakra. The darker orange is over the root chakra. Carnelian comes in shades from dark orange to red to banded orange and yellow. Carnelian energy is amazing.

note if you get a headache when you first start wearing your crystals just take it off for a while. Wearing it for short periods until your 3rd Eye chakra gets in sinc with your crystals energy. Crystals never cause harm to your body. 

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